Google Keep notes to Google Doc!

Create a Google Doc from several quick notes.

Keep notes can easily be converted to Google Docs so you can expand them into fleshed-out documents.

On Android, select the note you want to copy over, tap the More icon, and select Copy to Google Doc.

To copy multiple notes, touch one note and hold it until it darkens, then select all the other notes.

Follow the rest of the steps to export them to Google Docs.

When your new document is ready, you’ll receive a prompt to open it.

Grab text from images

keep image text
Google Keep can convert scanned images like business cards and receipts into editable text.

Google Keep lets you capture and convert images into editable text, so that items like business cards and receipts can be easily added to your notes and made searchable.

To do this, open any note with an image, click the three dots in the action bar to see the expanded menu and select Grab image text.

Keep reads and saves the text.

While OCR in a note-taking app isn’t unique, Keep’s is better than most, reproducing scanned text with minimal errors.

From PC World – 5 Ways to use Google Keep

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