Wired Magazine with a Christmas Tip:

How to Set Up Your New Chromebook:

A Chromebook! A delightful little Internet machine, indeed. And delightfully simple to get started on.

Setting up your Chromebook is literally a three step process, and that’s only if you include “turn it on” as one of the steps. Ready? Here you go:

1. Turn it on.
2. Choose your language, connect it to your Wi-Fi network, and sign into your Google account.
3. Choose a profile picture or icon (I’d go with an icon, but I’m shy).

OK, that’s it, you’re done. Life with a Chromebook after that is simply a matter of collecting the apps you need (it already comes with Calendar, Google Drive, the full suite of Google Docs applications, Google Play Music, Hangouts, and Chrome remote desktop). You can find those in the Chrome Web Store.


Visit Wired Magazine for more tips for setting up your new devices.

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