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360 VR! Simple to create and share, the 360 Fly camera.

360 Fly camera – Create your own Virtual Reality Videos.

Had an excellent experience last weekend. Recorded most of it with my 360 cameras.


7th Annual Powered Para-glider Fly-in in Palm Bay, sponsored by the Palm Bay Police Explorers #597. March 15-18 2018.

This little camera records up to 1.5 hours of 360 degree video – in 10 min chunks. It’s water resistant, rugged and with a simple adapter fits all of the rather standard gopro mounts.

The 360 director – free software – allows you to convert  and upload to Youtube, Facebook and the 360 Fly website.

Here’s the Kite War (a common fun thing for the pilots to do at these fly-ins), they gather in the field and everyone gets airborne – Then they try to knock each other outta the sky.

Here’s the battle: Click on the link or picture to watch.

Kite Battle Image for WOrdpress.PNG


360 Virtual Reality is withing the reach of everyone these days, and the opportunities for capturing stunning video are everywhere!

Grab one and have some fun!



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