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Chromebooks may soon be able to run almost every Android app

It looks like Google may soon be breaking down barriers between its two operating systems and giving Chrome OS users access to Android apps from the Google Play Store. As spotted by a Reddit user this weekend, Chromebooks running version 51 of Chrome OS are showing a checkbox in their settings menu that reads “Enable Android apps… Continue reading Chromebooks may soon be able to run almost every Android app

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Google Docs Voice Control!

Google Docs just stepped up its voice features in a big way. Nearly six months after introducing voice typing for Google Docs, the company is adding voice commands, which allow you to edit and format documents with only your voice. SEE ALSO: Google Docs now lets you type without typing at all The extensive list… Continue reading Google Docs Voice Control!


Wired Magazine with a Christmas Tip:

How to Set Up Your New Chromebook: A Chromebook! A delightful little Internet machine, indeed. And delightfully simple to get started on. Setting up your Chromebook is literally a three step process, and that’s only if you include “turn it on” as one of the steps. Ready? Here you go: 1. Turn it on. 2.… Continue reading Wired Magazine with a Christmas Tip:


Chromebook book for everyone!

Although I usually  cringe at the ‘dummies’ books, I’ve been asked many times about a paper reference manual for the popular Chromebooks. I’ve reviewed the Kindle version and like it! I will be stocking these. It contains all of the basics to use and maintain your Chromebook, along with some advanced uses. If you want… Continue reading Chromebook book for everyone!