You can purchase a Chromebook directly from us – with Setup and training Included.

What is a Chromebook PC?

Meet the Chromebooks!

“Get more done and worry less.” That’s what teachers, businesses, and everyday people have told us they can do, thanks to Chromebooks. Since we introduced them four years ago, Chromebooks have made computers faster, simpler, and more secure, while eliminating everyday hassles like waiting for your computer to boot up, having to constantly charge it, and remembering to install software updates. And a lot of people love them—Chromebooks were the best selling laptops on Amazon last holiday season, and teachers and students made them the #1 device in schools last year.

Chromebook PCs are an inexpensive ($150-$300) yet powerful new type of laptop computer designed to help you securely get things done faster and easier – and to seamlessly automatically replicate your data to the Cloud.

Making the switch to a Chromebook!

Chromebook starts up in seconds so you can immediately start playing or working, and lasts all day .. 8+ hours of battery life.

The Chromebook uses a solid state hard drive. No moving parts to wear out.

As a replacement for a desktop computer, the Chromebook (like any laptop) has multiple USB ports and an HDMI portallowing you to hook it up to a normal large monitor / keyboard / mouse.

Chromebook looks like a laptop and feels like a laptop, but differs from traditional computers as follows:

Instead of a ‘full-blown bloated’ operating system like Windows 7, 8, 10, Apple or Linux that contains a ton of ‘bloatware’ and software that the average user never uses;

Chromebook PCs run on the lightweight Chrome OS, a Linux based operating system that features multiple layers of security, cloud storage and the most popular Google products built right in.

Checkout our  Chromebooks–  We include Setup and training in the price..

Chromebook uses Chrome-specific apps for everyday tasks.

  • You’ll be able to create documents / spreadsheets / presentations, listen to music, edit your photos, chat with friends and family and play online games.
  • Plus, you can download many additional apps from the Chrome Web Store. No more buying and installing software – thousands of apps are free, and feature automatic updates.

Chromebook comes with built-in virus protection, multiple layers of security, and verified boot help to keep you safe from viruses and malware.

Your Chromebook will keep your files on your machine PLUS replicated offsite and safe in the Cloud.

  • Google Drive is seamlessly  built right in, so your files and photos are automatically backed up to the cloud.
  • Your Chromebook will update itself for free, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest version. No need for manual downloads and upgrades.


Chromebook works seamlessly with Internet, and also works offline…

  •  No internet at the moment? Keep working when you’re disconnected from the web by using offline apps like Gmail and Google Docs.
  • The next time you connect to the internet your changed files are synchronized to the ‘Cloud’ for secure storage.


With all of the needed software services built in, there is no need to ‘install programs’ or update software.

If your Chromebook dies (is run over by a car, etc) your data is still safe in the Cloud..

  • You can access your data easily by signing in to Google Drive on any computer with a Web Browser, and then synchronize it to any other computer.
  • or

  • Replace your Chromebook – 
    • You sign in on your new Chromebook with your Google Account and all of your settings, Favorites, Files will automatically be synced up (downloaded to) the new Chromebook.
    • You can be back up and running in a matter of minutes.


Additional services available,



with your request.


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