Chromebook Rental

Replace your Dying Computer with a rental Chromebook:  Initial $49.99 setup + $19.99(+) /monthly rental computer and support.

  • Data moved to a rented Chromebook Package.
    • (If moving to a rented Windows Laptop + Cloud add 20%)
  • Above ‘Move to the cloud’ $49.99 covers the initial setup and 2h of Cloud training + an additional 2 hours training on use of Chromebook.
  • You can return the Undamaged Chromebook (Laptop) within the first 30 days of use.
  • The 2nd month and then for a minimum of 12 months – $19.99-$29.99 monthly charge based on Chromebook (Laptop) Model.
  • This monthly fee includes the Chromebook (Laptop) rental and 1 hour/month free technical consulting/training (11 hours for the year) onsite or remote.
  • If the Chromebook (Laptop) fails:
    • Your data is already backed up and synced to the Google Servers continually.
    • Same or Next Day free replacement with a comparable Chromebook (Laptop) configured to your account and delivered locally or via shipping service.
    • If it fails because of abuse or liquid, there will be a $100 deductible charge.
  • After the first year, you can use the Chromebook (Laptop) indefinably for the $19.99 monthly charge, and you will accrue 1 hour of technical support (on any subject) per month.

Chromebox or Cube (Desktop replacements) setups are same pricing as Chromebook.

  • Data migration and cloud setup