Our Services

Our business model is based on need and ability to pay.
We strive to provide 50% of our time pro-bono.

Initial consultation is Free.
There is no charge for the first hour of consultation, assistance or training.

Our main service consists of assisting people in moving to use ‘Cloud services’ thus securing their systems and their important data from future loss, and allowing them to be productive across multiple devices.

  1. Assist individuals on securing their network / data by configuring  cloud services.
  2. Simplify users computing experience thru the use of new affordable hardware, for example the use of Chromebooks.
  3. Provide affordable consulting / training on all aspects of our emerging technologies to everyone.
  4. Our  operational plan is to Donate 50% of our services to non-profit or those in need.


We do this by consolidating a users existing data (pictures, documents, etc), and then synchronizing it to an enterprise Cloud Services provider (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple)

This is accomplished on a customer owned or rented computer. A new Chromebook / Laptop on an inexpensive monthly service plan is also available that includes both the computer rental and onsite / remote technical training and support.

  • This Cloud Computing method removes all risks to the normal computer user of data loss – it releases the data from the hardware. The user can access their data via a web browser on ANY computer. The data can be synchronized easily across multiple computers resulting in multiple identical backups.

Adding the Chromebook to this method also greatly simplifies the users computing experience, as a Chromebook is designed to be a thin client to Google Cloud services.

  • Email, Word processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation and Image editing services are part of the cloud services. There is no additional software to buy, no antivirus or operating system to keep updated, it’s all handled by and included in the Chrome Operating system.
  • There is very little processing overhead – the Chromebook is basically a computer designed around the Chrome Web browser, and the services are also available offline. The Chromebook, with its solid state drive, lightweight streamlined operating system and internet connectivity there is nothing to ‘wear out’, and storage is virtually unlimited.
  • The users data is backed up securely and continuously to a Cloud Service, the hardware (Chromebook) is inexpensive and easily replaceable. The user can be up and running completely in a mater of minutes on a replacement Chromebook with very little configuration, and most importantly no lost data.

All of our prices are based on availability and need, and subject to change.

Multi-Point Onsite Network Security Consultation: $39.99 1st hour Free

  • Wireless and wired router security check for strong passwords and firmware versions checked to prevent hacking.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of personal computer security.
  • Methods on  how to create Strong Passwords.
  • Evaluation of Operating System Versions – Mac and Windows Update status, Antivirus/malware status).
  • Evaluation and education on computer operation.
  • Evaluation and education on folder structure.
  • Evaluation and education on hackers via social engineering.
  • Evaluation of backup and data storage procedures.
  • Evaluation of Documents/Pictures/Data for a ‘data move to the cloud.’

Data backup and Cloud Synchronization:  $49.99

  • Includes the Multi-point Onsite Network Security Consultation.
  • Consolidation of Documents/Pictures/Data in a standard directory structure.
  • Complete backup to DVD of consolidated data.
  • Setup of one cloud service (Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox) on a PC.
  • Setup of one cloud service (Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox) on a one mobile device (Android / IPhone / Tablet etc).
  • Setup of Google Cloud print on a serviceable computer on your network, OR setup of a printer that is Google Cloud Print Enabled.
  • 1-2 hours of practical training on Cloud Services and application uses.

Replace your Old / Dying Computer with a rental Chromebook:  Initial $49.99 setup + $19.99 /monthly rental computer and support.

  • Data moved to a rented Chromebook Package.
    • (If moving to a rented Windows Laptop + Cloud add 20%)
  • Above ‘Move to the cloud’ $49.99 covers the initial setup and 2h of Cloud training + an additional 2 hours training on use of Chromebook.
  • You can return the Undamaged Chromebook (Laptop) within the first 30 days of use.
  • The 2nd month and then for a minimum of 12 months – $19.99-$29.99 monthly charge based on Chromebook (Laptop) Model.
  • This monthly fee includes the Chromebook (Laptop) rental and 1 hour/month free technical consulting/training (11 hours for the year) onsite or remote.
  • If the Chromebook (Laptop) fails:
    • Your data is already backed up and synced to the Google Servers continually.
    • Same or Next Day free replacement with a comparable Chromebook (Laptop) configured to your account and delivered locally or via shipping service.
    • If it fails because of abuse or liquid, there will be a $100 deductible charge.
  • After the first year, you can use the Chromebook (Laptop) indefinably for the $19.99 monthly charge, and you will accrue 1 hour of technical support (on any subject) per month.

Chromebox or Cube (Desktop replacements) setups are same pricing as Chromebook.

  • Data migration and cloud setup.

Mobile Phone configuration and training priced as hourly.

  • Android Phone, Android Tablets, Kindle, IPhone, Ipads.
  • App installation assistance and training.
  • Configuration of Google Cloud or ICloud synchronization.
  • Unbiased Mobile Phone provider plan consultations.
  • Cloud or local printing configuration.
  • Cloud training.

Bench time for computer repair: $39.99 / hour

  • Hard Drive replacements
  • Software installation / Upgrades
  • Computer Refresh / Operating system re-installation due to virus / malware.


General Technical Consulting and Training Fees:

  • General Business Technical Consulting base rate of $185.57/hourly
  • Software design $ based per project on measurable deliverables.
  • General Public $29.99/hourly base rate onsite based on need.
  • Seniors discount $19.99/hourly onsite based on availability and need.

Individual / Group Training:

  • Ranging from $399 / 2 hours, to Free; based on Topic, Availability, Organization status and need.

Additional services available,

contact CloudComputerGuy@gmail.com


with your request.

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