Using the Cloud

You have your data, and it grows daily in an increasing digital world.

Why is your precious data lying unprotected on a single piece of hardware?

Would you leave your old precious developed pictures and important documents in a box with a gallon of gas and some oily rags?

Your pictures and documents are in most cases irreplaceable.

  • Hard Drives will Die. Unexpectedly. Your data dies with them.(Or you pay $350-$700+ for data restoration services)(data recovery).
  • Motherboard components fail. The computer dies with it, along with the most recent set of pictures / documents…
  • A Zero-day virus attacks your computer, erasing or encrypting your data…

We’ve been told for years to backup our data, which  results in frustration and version control problems ..

  • Where was that file?
  • is it the newest?
  • where did I back it up to?
  • was it to a CD/DVD?
  • where is that tiny flash drive?
  • where is that backup hard drive?
  • does it still work!?


Current ‘Cloud Computing’ has eliminated the need for multiple backups across different devices and allows our data to effectively and securely live forever.

It allows files to be replicated across multiple devices using the internet, with the main file residing ‘in the cloud’ – on a server offsite.

  • Current ‘Cloud Computing’ has eliminated the need to ‘buy a bunch of software’ with SaaS (Software as a Service) model, and has eliminated the need for installation and updates of that software on a PC for ~95% of the people that ‘use the internet.’ Any software you need is available as an App or as an extension to the browser.

We now live in our digital world, we now live in our browsers.

The majority of a normal Personal Computer is unused by all but a small percentage of the users.

Enterprise providers like Microsoft and Google have free solutions for the general public. 

Why free? We are their Guinea Pigs. They offer these services to the public for not just marketing reasons, but in order to work out any of the features and bugs from their systems to better serve their Enterprise Level Customers.

  • Data Redundancy / Resiliency / Security – Your data can effectively securely live encrypted, for free, forever on a server ‘in the Cloud’, and be used / duplicated and synchronized on any device thru a secure encrypted pipeline thru the internet.
  • Software as a service – There is no need for a word processor or spreadsheet ‘program’ to be purchased, installed and updated any longer. There are apps that run in the Browser that do their jobs plus have much more functionality.
  • Platform independence – IPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome – every OS interfaces with the cloud..

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